EPHX Boost Ingredients

The EPHX SNP is supported by ingredients that help increase activity of the EPHX enzyme along with ingredients that support and enhance the liver’s natural detoxification mechanisms.

Green Tea Extract (Polyphenols, Catechins)

  • Population-based studies have shown that green tea consumption is correlated with a healthy liver.5 In vitro studies have shown that green tea extract resulted in a dramatic increase in the gene expression for EPHX.6


Milk Thistle Extract (Silymarin)

  • A strong liver antioxidant that helps protect the liver against free radicals caused by pollutants and environmental toxins.7
  • Supports membrane stability important for liver tissue regeneration.9
  • Helps increase the synthesis of glutathione (an essential liver compound for detoxification and optimal immune function).8
  • Protects the liver against epoxides.8

Artichoke Extract (Phenolic compounds)

  • Exerts a major effect on bile flow and liver protection.10 Bile is a fluid secreted by the liver and required for the removal of toxic chemicals and metabolites.


Broccoli and Kale (Indole-3-carbinols, Sulphoraphane)

  • Help stimulate detoxification enzymes.11
  • Promote the activation of phase II enzymes which are responsible for elimination and detoxification of toxins.12


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