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What are SNPs?
SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) are tiny variants in our genes that cause them to function differently from the norm. Some of these differences are not at all relevant to our health. For instance, some SNPs determine our hair color, or our blood type—these aren’t aspects of our physiology we normally give much thought to, because they don’t relate directly to our state of health. Other SNPs, however, may have profound effects on various biochemical pathways. They may change the balance or production, or lack of production of key proteins—or regulate the way other processes in our bodies function. These proteins and functional changes, in turn, can have long-term effects on how our bodies function and even how they age. GeneLink has developed the ability to match those SNPs on your genes with key dietary ingredients that would offset, bypass, or beneficially support the effects those SNPs have on the biochemical pathways, thus on your optimal health, so that products could be formulated exclusively for your unique genetic makeup.

What are the 12 genes you test for SNPs?

VDR Gene (Vitamin D Receptor)
The Vitamin D receptor gene influences the ability to efficiently use vitamin D.
EPHX Gene (Microsomal Epoxide Hydrolase) The EPXH gene supports the detoxification of pollutants, pesticides, alcohol, tobacco, and other foreign chemicals.
NQ01 Gene (Coenzyme Q10 Reductase) The NQ01 gene determines which form of CoQ10 (ubiquinone or ubiquinol) the body uses most efficiently to help eliminate free radicals and provide cellular energy.
SOD2 Gene (Manganese Superoxide Dismutase) The SOD2 gene helps protect against oxidation by eliminating toxic superoxide free radicals.
GPX1 Gene (Glutathione Peroxidase 1) The GPX1 gene helps protect against oxidation by eliminating hydrogen peroxide, which gives rise to free radicals including hydroxyl radicals.
MMP-1 Gene (Matrix Metalloproteinase) The MMP-1 gene helps regulate the recycling of collagen.
MTRR Gene (Methionine Synthase Reductase) The MTRR gene encodes for the MTRR enzyme, which regulates homocysteine levels to help maintain optimal cardiovascular health.
MTHFR Gene (Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase) The MTHFR enzyme helps to manage homocysteine levels by determining which form of folic acid (folate or reduced folate) the body uses most efficiently.
TNF-α Gene (Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha) The TNF-α gene helps regulate a healthy inflammatory response.
PON-1 Gene (Paraoxonase 1) The PON-1 gene supports healthy lipid levels and cardiovascular health.
CYP11B2 Gene (Aldosterone Synthase) CYP11B2 gene helps to maintain blood pressure in normal ranges, essential for a healthy heart.
ApoB Gene (Apolipoprotein B) The ApoB gene helps support a healthy heart, by maintaining healthy cholesterol levels already in normal range.
More information on the following 12 SNP’s may be found on our website at www.genelinkbio.com/12genes.pdf

How many combinations of personal DNA variations are there?
For each DNA assessment we analyze 12 gene SNP’s. Each SNP analyzed may return a red, yellow or green result. So, there are three results taken to the 12th power. Calculating 3 to the 12th power results in 531,441 possible variations.

How accurate are GeneLink genetic tests?
All GeneLink genetic tests are performed in laboratories that are CAP (College of American Pathologists) or CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act) certified. This means that all genetic testing done for the GeneLink products is to the highest possible laboratory standards. Our test is the only genetic test we know of that tests both of strands of your DNA, and tests them twice – once in each direction! The purpose of doing it all twice, from different directions, is to ensure that the results match! Then and only then can we be confident in giving you the results of your test. In fact, we believe the GeneLink test to be one of the most accurate tests conducted in the world of genetics, in excess of 99.5% accuracy and repeatability.

Do medications or medical conditions effect the DNA assessment?
No. The assessment is based on a person’s genetics. Genes are essentially the same throughout our lives.

How can I be sure my DNA information is private and safe with you?
Your Privacy is Our Priority. We value your privacy so you can rest assured that we keep your information in strictest confidence.

In fact, while your sample is being assessed at a CLIA – and CAP-compliant laboratory, it is only identified by a random bar coded number, so it would be impossible for anyone to identify the information of any single individual.

We assess your DNA for the 12 SNPs required for our customization process and nothing else. Once your assessment is complete, your samples are destroyed, so the only remaining information is the results from these twelve genes, and they are primarily relevant to GeneLink® and this program, and would be of little use to anyone else.

But even then, your information is held in strictest confidence, in a program that is HIPAA-compliant (the federal regulations governing the confidentiality of all medical information), and provided only to you (or your physician with your permission). The only way anyone else would get your genetic information from this assessment is if you share the results with him or her.

See our complete privacy policy at http://www.genelinkbio.com/privacypolicy.pdf

What do you do with my DNA sample after you have completed the assessment?
Once your DNA assessment results are confirmed your sample is destroyed.

Do you have any published clinical trials on your gene-specific approach to Supplements?
The GENELINK DNA AssessmentTM identifies key biochemical pathways that are very important for overall healthy aging. These pathways have been validated by our Scientific Advisory Board, as well as independent third-party research. The ingredients used on our formula are also known to offset, bypass or support the biochemical pathways affected by the SNP identified in the DNA AssessmentTM, and again, have been validated by our Scientific Advisory Board and third-party research. However, since the formulas are “customized”, and there are literally thousands of formulations, we do not have clinical data on the entire formula, only on the majority of the various ingredients.

Do you have any clinical trials on your gene-specific approach to Skincare?
Many of the ingredients used in the Skincare products are proprietary products that have clinically proven effects.



Is this formula supposed to take the place of my current vitamins? Or is it supposed to be used as an addition?
The NGx HealthTM DNA CUSTOM Supplements primary purpose is to provide a “targeted formulation,” designed to help bypass, offset or support the biochemical pathways in areas identified by the 12 SNPs that make up the DNA AssessmentTM. This is important since most one-size-fits-all products are created as “general formulations” rather than “specific target formulations.” For many individuals, their custom formulation, when combined with a healthy daily diet, would provide most of the necessary nutritional components necessary for supporting optimal health. However, the formulas do not contain every vitamin or mineral at 100% RDI, so you should check your formula to determine if you should supplement. You may request from our customer service team a full vitamin/mineral disclosure based on your custom formula.

Can you adjust my formula or remove one ingredient?
While we are looking at the possibility of offering this feature at some point in the future, we can’t adjust individual formulas by a single ingredient at this time. We have developed a complex manufacturing process that uses the results from each person’s Healthy Aging DNA Assessment to drive a matrix for the creation of over 500,000 possible formula combinations. Again, we’re reviewing future possibilities but at this price point, and at this time, it’s not available.

What is the “Base” material?

The Base material consists of ingredients that are important to everyone’s diets. It consists of:

  • Vitamins (A, C, E, all B’s, folate, biotin)
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3’s from flax seeds
  • 10 Fruit and Vegetable juice powders
  • High potency superfruits
  • Mangosteen Extract
  • Gogi Berry Extract
  • Acai Juice
  • Pre-biotic fiber (fructooligosaccharides from chicory)
  • High ORAC antioxidant blend

What are fructooligosaccharides? Isn’t it a sugar? Why is it the first ingredient in the base? Isn’t that the highest amount ingredient?
Fructooligosaccharides are a natural prebiotic fiber that promotes enhanced intestinal health for optimal nutrient absorption and immune health. They are derived from inulin, a heterogeneous mix of mostly fructose polymers of various lengths found in plants such as chicory and Jerusalem artichoke. FOS feed the “good bacteria”, which help balance the microflora found in the gut. FOS has been well studied and a balanced intestinal microflora is important for optimal intestinal health and immune function, as well as optimal calcium absorption. FOS has a high dosage for optimum efficacy, which is why this ingredient is listed first. It is not a “sugar” like sucrose.

Are there any potential side effects?
Your GeneLink supplement is comprised of large quantities of plant matter, primarily fruit and vegetable components, in addition to USP-grade vitamins and minerals which should not cause adverse reactions in the majority of users. However, your GeneLink supplement also includes Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which FOS is also considered dietary fiber, which like all fiber, can affect an individual’s GI tract and induce gas and bloating, especially in people who do not have proper fiber consumption. Most people can eat 5-10 grams of FOS without gaseous discomfort; however, some people may have sensitivity to lower levels of FOS. Over time, the body should adjust to the positive change in their fiber intake and the microflora balance in the intestines. Most people are not only symptom free within 30 days, they go on to feel better than ever!

Why are so many fruits used in the base formula? Don’t they add sugar? How much sugar or sweetener does the base formula have?
The Base formula was designed specifically to contain fruits and vegetables and their phytochemicals for their nutritional value. However, they add little sugar. On average, the Customized Nutritional Supplement formulas contains between 250 and 450 mg of sugars per day. For reference, 1⁄4 teaspoon of sugar weighs approximately 400 mg

Are all of the ingredients in my GeneLink supplements from “natural” sources?
Depending on your particular formula, synthetic vitamins or nutritional compounds could account for between 5% and 10% of the current supporting ingredients. There is a significant debate in nutritional circles about whether or not supplement ingredients must be derived from purely natural sources, i.e. not synthesized. The scientists and researchers who developed the GeneLink supplement believe that the research does not support the notion that synthetic vitamins and minerals will function any differently in the human body than those from “natural” sources if they are identical to the “natural” vitamins and minerals at a molecular level. Virtually all of the other ingredients are natural and are derived from natural sources. In fact, some ingredients are certified organic. But in the average formula, synthetic vitamins or nutritional compounds could account for between 5% and 10% of our current supporting ingredients.

How you customize your base formula for each individual person? Also, I would like to know what the specific nutritional recommendations are for each SNP that does not possess the normal, fully functional alleles.
Each individual receives either full dose or 1⁄2 dose of the SNP boost they need based on their DNA results. They receive a full dose of the SNP Boost® if they are homozygous for the SNP (both chromosomes contain the SNP) and 1⁄2 dose if they are heterozygous (one chromosome contains the SNP. The remaining formula (up to 7.5 grams/day) is filled with base formula. This is done using a proprietary titration system which blends the SNP Boosts® the individual needs with the base formula. For more information please see the SNP Boost® Ingredient list on our website at www.GeneLink.com/products/supplements.

How can I be sure of the quality of the formulas and ingredients?
GeneLink uses only high quality natural ingredients and USP/NF-grade vitamins, minerals and pure nutritional compounds. Quality Control of individual ingredients prior to blending is the most important step in our manufacturing process. All ingredients are purchased from various reputable, well-established and high-quality manufacturers, most are vertically-integrated, meaning they control the raw material as well as the manufacturing. We have a strict Quality Control system in place managed by our Quality Control department. We require a Certificate of Analysis (C of A) for every individual ingredient which reports the results of our required specifications. Our state-of the-art manufacturing facility meets cGMP requirement (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Are there limitations to certain people taking the DNA Custom supplements, i.e. various ailments, pregnant women, or people on medication?
Yes. Some people are sensitive to some of the ingredients in any supplements or certain ingredients may have drug interactions. We provide you with a complete list of ingredients in your formula. If you have ANY concerns, check with your doctor. These formulas were designed for healthy adults. Pregnancy or other medical conditions were not considered in developing these formulas. Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, individuals with hypoglycemia, and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs, should consult with a licensed physician and/or pharmacist prior to taking all dietary supplements.

Will the DNA Custom supplements correct my SNP deficiencies after time? Will I have to re-test?
Genes themselves never change. No, you will never need to be retested for the 12 genes currently in our DNA AssessmentTM.

Does the GeneLink supplement contain caffeine?
The amount of caffeine in the typical formula ranges from 3-25 mg, and that is only because 100% of the caffeine can’t be removed from the green and white tea ingredients. To put this in perspective, a cup of coffee can range from 2-13 mg for a cup of decaffeinated coffee to 200 or more mg for an espresso. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to take your supplements during the day to avoid any stimulant effect at night.

Is the GeneLink supplement product vegetarian? Vegan?
Your GeneLink supplement is vegetarian, but not vegan. By definition, a vegan product cannot contain any material that is animal derived. A vegetarian diet, on the other hand, consists of a diet free from animal or seafood meat or flesh, but can include by-products of animals if harmlessly collected. Vitamin D3 is considered an important nutrient, and is an ingredient found in the VDR SNP Boost found in many GeneLink custom formulas. The primary source of commercial quality D3, including ours, is from the lanolin that is derived from sheep’s wool. While sheep can dispense with their wool without pain or harm, the fact that they indirectly supply the D3 in our formula means we cannot consider our product vegan.

Is your product Gluten-Free?
Yes, there are no ingredients, including wheat, barley etc., which contain gluten in any formula.

What is the shelf life of my supplements?
To guarantee the freshest product, your custom GeneLink supplements are produced monthly. If, for any reason, you need to store them for longer, they will stay fresh for six months if kept in their sealed bag in the refrigerator.

Are there any preservatives, binders, or fillers in my GeneLink supplements?
There are no preservatives in GeneLink products. All ingredients are active ingredients, included for a specific purpose related to their functionality. There are no binders or fillers in GeneLink products either. Some formulas may contain small amounts of excipient, such as maltodextrin. An excipient is an inactive substance used as a carrier for the active ingredient to allow for convenient and accurate dosing. It encourages stability, improves solubility, and keeps ingredients from “caking.” All excipients in the formulas are identified under “other ingredients” in the ingredient statement and are guaranteed to be safe. Excipients are only used when absolutely necessary and in the smallest amounts possible. (See “Are there any ingredients in the GeneLink supplement that could cause an allergic reaction?” below.)

What does it mean if my supplements become discolored after the bag is opened?
Some of the ingredients in the GeneLink supplements are hygroscopic, which means they have the ability to attract and hold water molecules. Once removed from the protection of the sealed pouch, those ingredients attract water from the humidity in the surrounding air, causing the discoloration. This does not affect the safety or performance of the supplements, if consumed within the normal (normally 30 days) amount of time. However if you wish for your supplements not to discolor, simply keep them sealed in their protective bag or in some other airtight container. The season of the year and relative humidity of your environment will have a lot to do with this phenomenon. Hotter, dryer climates will experience less discoloration and humid environments will experience more. In either case it’s nothing to worry about.

Is the Supplement Kosher?
Neither Grape seed nor Grape skin is Kosher and therefore the whole formula cannot be Kosher certified. Additionally, we must ignore any SNPs on the VDR gene because Vitamin D3, sourced from the lanolin of sheep’s wool, would be included for Red and Yellow conditions. We do supply our supplements without the VDR boost to people who keep a Kosher diet as long as it is understood that any grape-derived products cannot be certified as Kosher.

Does the Supplement contain hormones?
Our product contains no hormones and none of the 12 SNPs we test are associated with hormonal function.

Are there any ingredients in the GeneLink supplement that could cause an allergic reaction?
The FDA requires all food and dietary supplement labels to include an allergen statement for the eight major food allergens: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. While rare food allergies are possible with any edible product, only one of these eight food categories is represented in the GeneLink supplement. There are three less common potential allergens that are included in the GeneLink supplement that you should be aware of. Maltodextrin (derived from corn and is gluten-free) is used as excipients to increase solubility and decrease the hygroscopic nature (ability to attract water) of some plant-based juices and extracts. It is used in the base formula and in some boosts. There is tomato powder in the base formula and in the MMP1 Boost. All of the possible combinations of the formulas are wheat and gluten-free. So if you have a less common allergy to corn or tomato products, you will not be able to consume the GeneLink supplements.



How are SNPs important in skincare?
Our Skin health assessment looks at five key genetic variations that can tell us a lot about your over skin makeup, and your genetic propensity for skin aging, response to oxidation, detoxification, and other factors that can contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. Our products contain only the best naturally-derived ingredients to care for and protect your skin, regardless of your skin type. Each ingredient is selected to help reduce the visible effects of premature skin aging, including dryness, wrinkling, and sagging, and is formulated for daily use.

Which genes do you test for SNPs for my personalized skincare formulation?
EPHX Gene (Microsomal Epoxide Hydrolase) The EPXH gene supports the detoxification of pollutants, pesticides, alcohol, tobacco, and other foreign chemicals.
SOD2 Gene (Manganese Superoxide Dismutase) The SOD2 gene helps protect against oxidation by eliminating toxic superoxide free radicals.
GPX1 Gene (Glutathione Peroxidase 1) The GPX1 gene helps protect against oxidation by eliminating hydrogen peroxide, which gives rise to free radicals including hydroxyl radicals.
MMP-1 Gene (Matrix Metalloproteinase) The MMP-1 gene helps regulate the recycling of collagen.
TNF-α Gene (Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha) The TNF-α gene helps regulate a healthy inflammatory response.

Are the skin creams made with all natural ingredients?
Our formulas contain no parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMOs, mineral oil, animal products or by-products.

How will I know exactly what ingredients are in my customized formula?
You will receive a product insert listing the ingredients in the shipment with your product.



How do I start distributing the GeneLink products in my business?
First, we’ll provide you with a GeneLink Distributor Agreement form and accompanying documents noted on the agreement. Once these have been signed by you, and verified and countersigned by our management, we’ll provide you with DNA collection kits and consumer brochures to use in referring customers to us. These DNA collection kits will be coded to your business so you will accurately receive commissions from these referrals.

Is this a Multi-Level Marketing business?
No. You are agreeing to become a distributor of GeneLink products and there is not multi-level commission available.

What is the commission structure?
There are two types of Distributors, Wholesale and Retail. If you offer value added services to your business where you set your own pricing, you are a Wholesale Distributor. You collect payment from the customer and you pay us a wholesale rate. If you are satisfied with the MSRP and you want us to collect payment from the customers directly, you are a Retail Distributor and you will receive monthly commissions.

Do I receive commission on just the customer’s first order or all their orders?
The customer is permanently tied to your Distributorship via their Barcode. When we mail you swab kits, we register those Barcodes to your business, forever linking the two accounts. Depending on the type of distributorship you select will determine how your business is compensated.

What if I refer a customer for the skincare line and later they start ordering your supplements from you. Do I receive commission on the supplement orders?
If you are a Retail Distributor, you will receive credit for ALL customer orders. If you are a Wholesale Distributor, you control the order and pricing process.

How often and how will I be paid?
If you are a Retail Distributor, your commissions will be calculated at the end of each month and you will be mailed a check for the previous month to your business address along with a report of all sales

Do I have to stock products?
This is your choice. Because of the custom nature of our DNA personalized products, you cannot stock our custom products. We make each customer’s order based specifically on their DNA and ship it directly to them. However, we are making available one of our most popular products, ULTRABASIC™ Healing Body Lotion and Balancing Cleanser for retail sale. Contact your GeneLink representative for more information on how to stock this product.

What if I want to stock non-DNA customized versions of your product and sell them direct to customers?
Currently we are not offering this as an option. However, we may make promotional offers available of non-custom products throughout the year to generate interest.

What if my customer has questions about the products, payment, shipping, etc?
We staff a customer service line during business hours 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday Eastern time zone. This customer service center can answer both yours and your customer’s questions.

How do customers re-order products?
If you are a Wholesale Distributor, the customer orders directly from you. Customers of Retail Distributors order directly through the website.

What if I refer another business to you and they become a distributor? Do I receive a commission for the referral?
We are not offering referral commissions at this time.

What if I go out of business, can I personally continue to receive commissions from my former customers?
Our distributor agreement is with your business. Commissions do not convey to you as an individual if your business closes.



What types of payment to you accept?
VISA, MasterCard, and American Express

Can I pay with a check or money order?
Contact our customer service team at 1-800-737-5305 for alternate payment options.

If I give you my credit card will you start billing me automatically every month for more products?
No. You are not signing-up for an auto-ship program. We do however, for your convenience offer the option of our Flex-ship program. You select the frequency you would like to receive products and we will ship them on your specified timetable. Sign up for our Flex-ship program and receive free shipping on your products.


Do you sell my personal information to other companies?
No. We do not sell our customer information.

What if I have questions about my products or my DNA assessment once I receive them, who do I call?

Simply call us at 888-877-0703 and we’ll work to answer all your questions.

How will I know when you receive my DNA swabs?

We will send you e-mails confirming we received your DNA swabs in our lab, when your DNA assessment is complete and when your product ships from our factory?

How fast will I receive my products? Is rush shipping available?
Please call our customer service team at 888-877-0703 to discuss your shipping options.

What if I don’t receive my shipment?
When we ship your products, if you have provided us with your email address, we will send you a shipping notice along with an estimated delivery date. If you have not received your shipment by that date, just call us at 888-877-0703 and we will investigate for you.

What if my shipment is damaged?
Simply call us at 888-877-0703 and we’ll discuss how we can meet your needs.

How do I reorder more products?
Simply call us at 888-877-0703 and we’ll discuss how we can meet your needs.

When do I receive my DNA assessment?
You will receive a printout of your Personalized DNA Assessment report with your first shipment of product. You may also log in to our secure website to view your assessment at your convenience.

Do you have coupons or how can I get a discount on products?
While we do not offer coupons, we do offer special pricing from time to time. Free shipping is offered on certain products.

Where are these products made?
All products are manufactured by GeneLink, Inc. in Orlando, FL.

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