DNA Assessments

GeneLink Biosciences, Inc. offers a unique DNA Assessment that looks at 12 key genes. In order to qualify for inclusion in this panel, the genes must meet three criteria:


  1. The science must be well established with regards to the function of the gene in the human body, in addition, the understanding of key SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) is equally clear.

  2. These particular gene SNPs must be found with a certain minimum frequency in the North American population so that the results are sufficiently meaningful to enough people.

  3. There needs to be specific, scientifically validated nutritional ingredients that will mitigate, compensate, or support the biochemical pathways in the areas identified by these SNPs.


GeneLink’s comprehensive lab results have found these gene SNPs with the following frequencies in North America, making them ideal targets for additional nutritional support with the NGx Custom Nutritional Supplements. By understanding the impact of these SNPs, and your patients’ ability to benefit from targeted nutritional ingredients, you can provide much more patient-specific nutritional recommendations. And best of all, it’s all available in one comprehensive, patient-specific formula!

Green (0 SNPS) Yellow (1 SNP) Red (2 SNPs) Yellow & Red
CPP11B2 17% 48% 36% 84%
MTRR 21% 45% 33% 78%
MMP1 24% 49% 28% 77%
SOD2 27% 48% 25% 73%
APoB 37% 45% 18% 63%
PON-1 38% 44% 18% 62%
VDR 39% 46% 15% 61%
MTHFR 45% 42% 13% 55%
EPHX 48% 43% 9% 52%
GPX1 54% 38% 7% 45%
NQ01 59% 35% 6% 41%
TNF-α 76% 23% 2% 25%


For more information about the genes specifically, their function in the human body and the impact of the individual SNPs, refer to www.genelinkbio.com/12genes.pdf.

Additional information on the GeneLink DNA Assessment and products can be found in the FAQs on this site.

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