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GeneLink started with a mission. That mission was an outgrowth of the realization that genes really did have a significant influence over the functions of our bodies. From that knowledge, a revolutionary idea began to emerge. It was becoming apparent that one of the greatest advantages of having this knowledge may be the ability to make better, more personalized decisions, decisions that could lead to healthier, happier lives. GeneLink’s founder, Dr. Robert Ricciardi believed the key breakthrough would be a cost-effective, consumer friendly, yet confidential DNA Assessment, that could reveal important health-related factors of our genetic make-up. This knowledge, in turn, could allow better, more appropriate decisions in areas such as diet, and dietary supplements, in particular. Dr. Ricciardi understood that if we could fully understand how our genes functioned, how they regulate all of the myriad functions of our body, we could start to unravel the mysteries of health and vitality, and perhaps, someday, even the aging process as well.

Today, after billions of dollars have been invested on developing the ability to test the human genome, science has finally progressed through companies like GeneLink to develop direct-to-consumer tests that can safely and cost-effectively identify key SNPs on your genes. Genelink developed the ability to match those SNPs on your genes with key dietary ingredients that can beneficially support the effects those SNPs have on optimal health. These supplements now can be formulated exclusively for your unique genetic makeup — from your very own, personal, genetic information! And that brings us full circle to GeneLink — the company that brings these exciting, custom-created products directly to you and consumers all over the United States.

To view the extraordinary people behind this program on our Scientific Advisory Board, click here.

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